Do You Know If Your Employee Handbook Is Up-To-Date?

You have an employee handbook, don’t you? If you don’t, it’s time to create one. Even if you only have two or three associates.

Remember that an employee handbook is dynamic. It should be a living document that evolves with your business. 

Careful employers review it at least yearly. They update it as required. If a new workplace law is passed, it’s time to update. As your company grows and changes, it needs regular updates.

Proactive updates prevent issues. Companies that created a social media policy in 2004 were ahead of the game. Organizations that trained their managers on anti-harassment policies have avoided lawsuits. Frequent handbook review will safeguard you in the event of a labor dispute.

A good employee handbook will:

  • Organize and express company policies
  • Protect you from compliance violations
  • Set expectations for employees, supervisors, executives
  • Make onboarding and training faster and more effective
  • Help team members be successful and engaged
  • Save time for your Human Resources team

What should an employee handbook contain?

Employee handbooks are getting longer. There are so many things to cover.

Not every company needs each topic listed below. But many companies leave out important ones. Read through these to make sure you include everything that applies to you.

  • Company policies
    • Compensation/benefits
    • Terms of employment
    • Payroll deductions
    • Discipline
    • Leave
    • Business travel
    • Overtime
    • Nondiscrimination
    • Conflict of interest
    • Retaliation
    • Telecommuting
  • Code of conduct
    • Attendance
    • Ethics
    • Dress code
    • Safety
    • Mobile devices
    • Social Media
    • Cannabis

Pay Extra Attention If Your Company Has Experienced Rapid Growth

Your business is always growing and changing. (Hopefully, for the better!) You may have opened a new location in another state. You may have added new products and services. Flexible scheduling and telecommuting also affect policies.

Employer Classification

Every employer is subject to some Fair Labor Standards Act laws. As your company grows, you are subject to more of them. If you’ve just hired your 15th or 20th employee, it’s time to review.   

Employee Classifications

Have you recently hired seasonal or temporary staff members? How about independent contractors or telecommuters? You may need policies to cover these new employee types.

Employee Leave

Several state laws that govern leave have changed. Make sure your policy helps you adhere to labor laws.

Equal Employment Opportunity

In 2018, many states and cities added or modified EEO laws.

Cannabis Use

Has your state recently legalized recreational marijuana? It’s time to elect how you want to handle that in your company.

Retaliation Protections

Did you know that employer retaliation is the most common allegation in employee disputes? Make sure you outline prohibited behavior in your handbook. Avoid penalties and protect yourself in the case of a labor dispute..

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WorkforceHUB is cloud-based. It keeps all of your Human Resources transactions in the cloud. We handle data security, software updates, and customer support. Digital employee handbooks can be developed and updated in WorkforceHUB. Your labor force will be able to get to it from their phone. Any time. You won’t need to print anything!

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