Cloud-based time and attendance software with advanced features, flexible configuration and support for a wide range of hardware clocks and intelligent web-based software clocks.

Advanced scheduling software for organizations with dynamic, multi-shift labor forces like restaurants and assisted living facilities.

A unified employee portal with access to payroll, time, HR, and more in a single discounted offering. Includes TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity.

We provide a full lineup of both software and hardware punch clocks including TimeWorksTouch, an interactive intelligent touch screen clock with fingerprint reader. Software clocks available for web pages, portals, custom applications and through mobile devices.

Introducing TimeWorksTouch

TimeWorksTouch combines the latest in time clock technology with industry-proven, cloud-based time and attendance services.
Streamline punch and payroll activities with greater accuracy to give your clients powerful labor management and cost control tools.


Positively identify fingerprints to prevent buddy punching


Prevent out-of-schedule punches to reduce overtime and unscheduled labor costs


Custom prompts for transfers and job costing


Wi-Fi enabled, battery backup, on-site registration, off-line mode


Accurately track meals and breaks for compliance


Allows placement on manufacturing floors or in locations where network wires are not feasible

Workforce Management Suite


Time and attendance plus advanced scheduling in a single, discounted offering.

Time and Attendance

Simplify time tracking and spend less time processing payroll. Eliminate messy time sheets by transferring workforce data directly into your payroll processing platform.

Workforce Management

TimeWorks Mobile will give your employees complete freedom to punch and manage time from wherever they are while providing supervisors perfect visibility. You’ll know who’s early, who’s late and who’s absent—and where they were when they clocked in.

Balances and Accruals

Automate the tracking of PTO accruals. Employers and employees alike enjoy a quick view of time earned and used, making it easy to manage requests for time off.

Workforce Performance

The new Dashboard feature of TimeWorksPlus provides real-time insight into timekeeping, attendance and scheduling. Employers enjoy a summary view of labor costs that facilitates efficient decision making.

Absence Management

Utilize employees’ attendance history to identify trends, set notifications for violations, automate time-off requests, and measure the overall impact of unscheduled absences to take proactive action. Absence management is critical to staying ahead of the financial impact of unexpected time off.

Complex Schedules

Easily manage dynamic, multi-shift schedules across multiple locations while accommodating employee skills and preferences

Ensured Coverage

Auto schedule according to requirements for skills, regulations for coverage, and time between shifts or overtime limits

Empowered Employee

Provide visibility to schedule with notifications, alerts and ability to pick up open shifts through mobile devices

Shift Trades

Share management and responsibility with employees through shift trade boards and volunteer options

Compliance Ready

Proactively manage for compliance plus have all information available in the event of an audit

Best Fit Resources

Easily schedule “best fit” employees based on skills, availability, proximity

Intelligent Software Clocks
Interactive Touch Screens
PIN, RFID & Magnetic Readers
Biometric Readers
Mobile with GPS