When Starting Your Small Business, Use TimeWorksPlus To Keep Costs Low

lower the biggest costs when starting your small business South Jordan

Today’s message focuses on workforce planning. Specifically, the financial rewards for new business owners that use TimeWorksPlus.

TimeWorksPlus is an affordable, easy to use employee timekeeping system from SwipeClock LLC. In addition to helping you efficiently manage employees, it helps you lower the biggest costs when starting your small business.

Here are 3 important ways TimeWorksPlus lowers overhead for startups: 

1. TimeWorksPlus Keeps Admin Costs Low

With pen and paper employee time tracking, you have to fix problems every pay period. This costs you time and money if you process payroll yourself. It costs even more when you are paying a payroll manager.

With TimeWorksPlus, one person can prepare payroll for a relatively large staff. With TimeWorksPlus some companies have one payroll manager for 75+ associates.

When starting out, you can manage payroll yourself if you have TimeWorksPlus for timekeeping. When you can afford an HR director or payroll manager, they can handle payroll for a growing staff.

You will also save on wages and benefits for your HR personnel. And they won’t have to enter payroll data in spreadsheets. They will love you for saving them from that inefficient chore!

2. TimeWorksPlus Reduces Costly Payroll Mistakes

Timekeeping software increases payroll accuracy. Payroll mistakes are pricey. You have to find the problem, correct it in the system, and issue a new check. Payroll mistakes also lower your reputation. Repeated mistakes reduce workforce loyalty. This increases turnover—which costs you even more.

3. TimeWorksPlus Prevents Employee Time Theft

Multiple studies have confirmed that employee time fraud is a widespread Human Resources problem. In a Kessler International survey of over 500 workers, 95 percent admitted to dishonesty. Hours theft by buddy punching and time card padding were two methods. Retail and field service businesses are especially vulnerable to time theft.

Buddy clocking, padding time cards, and early punch-ins and late punch-outs result in an average of 4.5 unauthorized hours per week, per . Let’s calculate the amount with a team member paid $15 per hour. You would pay an extra $67.50 per week! Compare that to the low cost of TimeWorksPlus by calling us at 8882233450.

The ultimate protection is to pair TimeWorksPlus with a biometric time clock. We can advise you on the best biometric time clock for your organization.

A biometric time clock is a smart investment that delivers ROI every day. And it’s easier to begin using one with your first employee than bringing one in later.

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