How Do I Choose Employee Timekeeping Tools For My Business?

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How do you choose timekeeping tools for your business? If you aren’t in the HR software world, it’s challenging. The good news is that SwipeClock LLC has the most advanced tools for companies like yours.

Let’s review the employee timekeeping needs of specific industries.


Time theft and unnecessary overtime inflate payroll. TimeWorksPlus and TimeWorksTouch (employee time clock) solve these problems. Eliminate all forms of time theft: buddy punching, hours padding, and failing to punch out for unpaid breaks. TimeWorksTouch biometrics makes buddy punching impossible. Schedule adherence restricts out-of-schedule punches. TimeSimplicity helps managers easily create schedules that limit overtime. Overtime alerts are an extra measure of protection.

  • Biometric time clock
  • Schedule adherence
  • Meals/breaks tracking


Employee management affects both the guest experience and your profit margin. Where workers are largely unsupervised, oversight is challenging. A capable scheduling solution like TimeSimplicity handles numerous job roles and locations.

  • Monitor multiple employee types and locations
  • Mobile clock in/biometric clocks curtail shift change confusion
  • Online trade boards let employees pick up extra hours without back-and-forth texting
  • Compliance tracking protects against wage and hour violations
  • Forecasting helps match staffing demands to expected occupancy


How do you maintain quality patient care, employee well-being, and regulatory compliance? TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity. TimeSimplicity prevents understaffing, confusion, and staffing imbalances. Employee self-service cuts down on absenteeism and employee burnout. Advanced reporting ensures compliance with FLSA, ACA, and Payroll Based Journal. 

  • Schedule by department or shift
  • Track healthcare certifications
  • Let employees trade shifts online
  • Receive alerts for no-shows
  • Be alerted before an employee enters overtime


The average public elementary school has more workers than 90% of private sector companies. They also have numerous employee types, pay rates, and pay frequencies. Seasonal schedules, union contracts, and grant tracking add to challenges. Staff members are spread through large facilities and campuses.

  • Mobile clock in/out on smartphone/tablet
  • Work-hours tracking for multiple job roles
  • Tools for seasonal staffing fluctuations
  • Varying pay frequencies
  • PTO, vacation, leave management
  • Work-study hours and grant-tracking


Tracking employees at remote job sites is difficult with traditional punch clocks. TimeWorksPlus Mobile with GPS allows you to see when and where employees clock in. If you want a physical time clock on site, TimeWorksTuff is the clock of choice for construction. 

Job costing simplifies client billing. Employee profiles track skills and licenses.

TimeSimplicity handles construction scheduling logistics. With TimeSimplicity, you can deploy crews with confidence.

  • Biometric hands-free time clock
  • Mobile clock in and oversight
  • Vacation/leave management
  • Track contractors, employees, seasonal, union


Affordability goes without saying. Many organizations use remote or offsite employees, so you need tools for that. Tracking volunteer hours is essential for compliance. Financial stability helps you maintain your reputation. TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity improves efficiency while reducing waste. Advanced reporting helps you make better allocations decisions

  • Mobile app for anytime, anywhere clock in/out
  • Track paid/volunteer hours
  • Advanced reporting
  • Elastic pricing (scales up or down)

Time tracking tools are business management tools. Call SwipeClock LLC to talk to a business management expert. We can help you find the best system for your needs.



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