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If you’ve checked out our blog before, you know that one of the dramatic benefits of implementing Workforce Management Suite is a reduction in overhead. To be specific, your cost of employee labor. Today, I want to discuss hard numbers.

What Could You Do With an Extra $30,000?

Here’s a hard number: $30,000. That’s what the average small business owner could save by transitioning from a manual time and attendance system to Workforce Management Suite paired with a biometric time clock.

By “average small business” we are discussing a company that has the following:

  • 25 hourly staff members who are paid an average of $15 per hour;
  • who are on the clock an average of 30 hours per week;
  • who are supervised by two $30/hour scheduling managers

Back to the 30k. Did we just pull that number out of a hat because it sounds persuasive? No, we see it all the time with our clients.

Let’s break down the savings:

$8,840 in manager time savings;
$5,850 in unplanned overtime savings;
$3,300 in turnover savings;
$13,000 in integration savings;
for a TOTAL of $30,990 in annual savings!

If you have exhausted all of your options for boosting revenue—perhaps because of a rise in the cost of raw materials or you’ve been forced to reduce your prices due to new competition—you don’t have a lot of other places to cut.

Run Leaner and Better

Workforce Management Suite will eliminate inefficiencies in labor management and you will glean many additional benefits. I’m talking about improved employee morale and engagement and this goes for your managers as well. When you give staff members powerful tools that eliminate tedious manual tasks, it’s no surprise that they enjoy their jobs more. They can work on far more meaningful projects with the new free hours in their week.

Focused, Productive Employees

Improved communication about scheduling also has a compelling impact on workforce morale. Confusion about shifts breeds frustration which can lead to unfocused, absent, and late employees. Eventually, confusion leads to expensive employee turnover. You want your staff members to clearly understand which shifts they are supposed to work several weeks in advance. Then they can plan their childcare, transportation, and other commitments to fit their schedule and arrive to work ready to be focused and productive.

Increased Trust on Every Level

They will also know that they are being fairly compensated for every minute they are working and you will eliminate the workforce time theft that is common among hourly employees.

Is it time for your business to start working like a well-oiled machine? Workforce Management Suite is your solution.

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