5 Ways WFM Improves Customer Service

A customer service rep can’t solve customer problems if she is preoccupied with her own HR issue at work. There are many direct and indirect benefits of optimizing your timekeeping, scheduling, and payroll processes. Today’s post outlines 5 ways implementing Workforce Management Suite will boost the customer service at your company.

Eliminate Coverage Gaps

Customer service 101: Have enough employees to give customers timely service. Schedule adherence ensures adequate shift staffing and the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances on the fly.

Scheduling Stability Let’s Staff Focus on Customers

Complicated schedules made simple! Flexible shift definitions and schedule templates with up to five organization levels. Multi-manager, multi-department, multi-location capability. Everything you need for simple management of a few to hundreds of staff members in any industry. With customizable job coding, you know that you have staff members with the required skills serving your customers.

Happy Employees Offer Better Service

Accommodating schedule preferences decreases employee turnover, thereby raising the overall competence level of the department. Time card self management allows associates to focus on their work instead of trying to get schedule, shift change approval, time card, and accrual information from HR.

Absence and Overtime Management

Accurately capture and utilize attendance history to pinpoint trends, set alerts for violations, automate time-off requests, and assess the overall impact of unscheduled absences. Then adjust schedules and notifications in minutes to accommodate the findings. Strategic absence management makes sure that customer service doesn’t deteriorate due to uncontrolled employee absences or unscheduled breaks.

Manager Super-Vision Of Mobile Staff

Monitor employee status in real time, from anywhere. See remote staff levels, monitor current clock-in/out and breaks. Filter by department, manager, or location. Review, edit, and approve schedule and time cards on the go. Managers who save countless admin hours a week with Workforce Management Suite have more time to train employees to give better service.

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