How 30 Percent of Your Employees May Be Stealing From You

how to avoid employee theft with SwipeClock

According to an anonymous survey conducted by Kessler International of 500 employees laboring in various retail and service industries, over 30% confess to padding at their place of employment.

What are the top ways employees inflate hours on ?

  • willfully clocking in early
  • intentionally clocking out late, and
  • buddy punching

These three forms of employee time cheating account for an average of 4.5 hours per week, per staff member, of unrealized time being cataloged.

In a company with 5 employees, each working at $10 per hour, this can cause over $11,000 in overpaid payroll, which is lost earnings for your business.

SwipeClock can help you avoid this prevalent scam with TimeWorksTouch and PunchLogic; a new system that helps you keep more accurate records of staff member time, and helps you avert the costs of early, late, and buddy punching.

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